SCOM2007 : New Server OS MP, version 6.0.6957.0 has some bad bugs

October 5, 2011 at 9:16 am in Uncategorized by Christopher Keyaert

Hi All,

As you probably already noticed, Microsoft has released some days ago the new New Base OS MP 6.0.6957.0.

This management pack adds a lot of new cool functionalities that Kevin Holman explained on his blog :

Now after several days, we’re starting to notice that this new management pack has also some “bugs” :

1: Report execution might fail because of lacking proper security settings on a Stored Procedure;
2: Importing the MP might fail when one has many overrides in place for diskspace. All because of a spelling error;
3: Knowledge is out of date for the new default values in the free space monitors;
4: The BPA monitors can be noisy for Server 2008R2 systems;
5: The “performance by utilization” report section dealing with Logical Disk % Idle time is upside down: the lowest idle time values are on top (100% Idle time is the lowest) and the highest idle time (anything close to 10% or even less) are on the bottom.
6: Impossible to deploy the new reports on SQL2005

Marnix Wolf and Bob Cornelissen started to report these bugs on their own blogs :

Marnix also took the really good initiative to open a bug report on connect :


If you also noticed these bugs, please go to the link below and share your experience :

This is not a flame or something like that, just an initiative to get a fixed and working MP very soon with all the great new stuff that was added and without at least most of the issues!

Christopher KEYAERT