System Center Opalis : Monitor SNMP Trap activity

June 17, 2011 at 2:25 pm in Uncategorized by Christopher Keyaert

Hi all,

Today, another case that I had at one of my customer. The idea is simple, He wanted to generate an incident (Could be in SCSM, BMC Remedy) based on a SNMP Trap sent by a monitoring application. (SolarWinds, Tivoli, …)

In the default integration pack, System Center Opalis has a Monitoring SNMP Trap activity :

In the details of this activity, we could filter the host/server from which we accept to receive SNMP Trap, the Port, Enterprise identifier, ….image

For publishing the data received from the SNMP Trap, we have to go in the Advanced part :image

We have to add the object identifier of each data that we want to publish. we have to manually publish an data output for each OID that we want to use.image

Once done, the Monitoring SNMP Trap activity will publish the data as Output-x variable that we could use in other Opalis activities.image

Now that we have configured the data from the SNMP Trap, we will publish them to the Send Platform Event activity.

In the Send Platform Event activity, select published data from the Monitor SNMP Trap activity :

The variables that we are interested in are Output – x – Value and we could use them in any of our activities. Here we will just display them, but we could imagine to use them for an incident creation :

Configuration is now finished, run the Runbook and send an SNMP Trap to the System Center Opalis server. When the trap will be received, the Runbook will start automatically :image

And the content of the Trap will be available in the Events :image

The output result :

We could now use information from SNMP Trap in any of our activities. Smile

Christopher KEYAERT